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Welcome to Tribellius MMA/Grappling

About Us

Welcome to the club of Warriors! 

Welcome to the place, where your talent will be discovered, valued, evaluated and developed!


We will coach and support you to develop your combat skills, as well as physical and mental abilities.

Tribellius MMA/Grappling is a product of an extensive combat experience in and knowledge of various martial arts (SAMBO, Boxing, Wrestling and Karate), dedicated work, devotion and Love.

Canvas Jute


Canvas Jute


 The Instructors

Founder of Tribellius MMA/Grappling club and main instructor - Levter Davidkov has more than 27 years of experience in combat sports and more than 8 years of experience as a coach.


With solid professional background in combat sports, two Master degrees in Law, and personal attitude, Levter will catch your attention from the beginning!

And Appie Tacheu and Mees van der Laan, who made their journey from students at our club to assistant instructors, will be there to share with you their experience in combat sports and competitions.

Love, patience, understanding and persistence - those are the leverages upon which a human talent is discovered, valued, evaluated and developed!

Levter Davidkov



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