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BEING PART OF TRIBELLIUS MEANS that one is here in order to learn an Art, the Combat Art of being a MMA/Grappling Specialist. But every one of us has to strive to develop his/her potential and qualities as much as possible. Therefore, Tribellius will contribute to the development of not only your physical skills but also of your character.

At Tribellius you are expected to develop the following skills and qualities:

  • be calm and have a balanced spiritual state;

  • have profound strength with fearless heart and courage;

  • have a heart which bends but does not break: when one is defeated at a training, one shall stand up (metaphorically) and shall not be down for a a long time, even when the battle is lost; hope that in the future one shall be victorious;

  • have restless persistence;

  • have humility but have unshakable faith and believe that one is doing something good for himself/herself while doing this Art;

  • be loyal to your team members;

  • have immense willpower and a never-give-up attitude (until the very end);

  • control your emotions - do not be aggressive but recognise and deal with provocations;

  • have strength, dynamism, stamina, flexibility, synchronisation of upper and lower body and balance

  • learn techniques such as striking (fists, elbows, knees and legs), takedowns (Sambo, Judo and Wrestling), clinches (Sambo and Wrestling) and submissions (Sambo)


BEING PART OF TRIBELLIUS MEANS that one is here not to boost the rotten part of the human nature – pride, arrogance, demeaning attitude, selfishness, egocentrism, narcissism, cynicism and lack of empathy for the other team members. It is exactly the opposite: we will gather, train and support each other in order to transform those passions into the qualities mentioned above.

The members who do not agree and do not cooperate will be politely asked to leave the team in peace.


BEING PART OF TRIBELLIUS MEANS that one shall comprehend the leading principle of human relations in the team – the weaker members pay respect to the stronger ones, whereas the stronger assist the weaker.

You might not become a champion, but a human you must be!

                                                        written at the wall of Vasily Lomachenko's gym - one of the most complete Boxing Champions ever 


​In order to keep our members healthy and safe, our club has implemented the following policy. Please adhere to it respectfully:

  • Sustain basic hygienic habits (most importantly one's nails shall be taken care of) in order that we keep our bodies and gym unaffected by various bacteria, diseases and unpleasant odours.

  • Report if you suffer from any condition which can affect your performance, and thus your safety and health, or the safety and health of the other team members;

  • Pay attention to the people who surround you when you are in a sparring session;

  • Be aware of not using too much of a strength when sparring with evidently weaker opponents;

  • Equip yourself with a mouth piece, boxing gloves, MMA gloves, shin protectors, wrists wraps, skipping robes;

  • Cease a sparring session if you do not feel well – we have to be courageous, but not imbecile;

  • Cease a sparring session if you feel dizzy after a strike or if you are made to tap at the body or at the mat by your opponent. Do not forget to tap, as things can easily go terribly wrong. When a critical moment comes, think what is more important – your health or the fear of loss. Not the losing per se is the problem, but the fear of how the others/we will perceive us/ourselves. If we understand that the opinion of the others shall not affect us, then giving up against a stronger opponent will be less painful;

  • Notify the instructor when you have doubts if you will be able to perform a specific exercise. After a short discussion, you will be advised what to do;

  • Be on time for the trainings.


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